Recruiting: Top Rated For Recruiting and Interviewing

The AIM Research Network prides itself in quality recruiting.  All of our recruiting is done in house, allowing for the finest quality and control.

Database Recruiting
Our consumer database currently contains demographic and participation information on consumers, Executives and Medical.  We pride ourselves on our ongoing approach to add fresh participants through direct marketing campaigns, viral marketing and referral techniques.  The AIM Network also collects national consumer participants.

Non Database Recruiting
We are experienced working with a multitude of confidential and client samples.  In addition, we are able to provide input for list selection if needed.  AIM works with a number of list vendors, including but not limited to Polk, Experian and STSS.

Intercept Recruiting
With low incidence recruiting; if a targeted location is available, our staff is experienced in intercept recruiting.  Some instances where intercept recruiting may be warranted include: retail establishments, business conferences, restaurants, and trade shows.

National Recruiting
No focus group facility where you need to conduct groups?  AIM is able to recruit for you nationally.   We are able to purchase the local lists or are able to recruit from your client sample or POLK sample.