Automotive Studies: Clinics, Drive Studies and Groups

The AIM Research Network is the leader of automotive recruiting nationwide.  From Automotive Clinics, Drive Studies, Focus Groups, IDI’s and Home Visit.  You name it we “Can Do”.   With an experienced staff that auto manufactures worldwide have come to rely on and respect, we provide our guidance, recommendations and successfully complete each and every time.  AIM research works directly with clients, planning off- site special research events throughout the country, at our locations or at alternative venues.

We recruit using R.L. Polk lists, client provided lists, subscription lists and from our own national database. 

Give us your auto project, from beginning to end you will have a stress free environment.  From screening development, recruiting, report documents, to executing all your on-site needs, whether you need only one of the services or all, we are competent to meet your needs.

Come and experience the success that many clients have experienced with “AIM Auto Recruiting”